6 Memorable Days in Singapore (Part 1)

A Trip to Singapore in November

November 10th, 2013
WP_20131110_025Students rarely wake up early on a Sunday morning but today was different as everyone was excited about the long-anticipated trip. We boarded the TARUC bus at 7 a.m. to begin the 5-hour journey to Singapore. It is true that long hours can be made short by great company as the bus was filled with laughter and excitement throughout the journey. Before we knew it, we had reached Johor Bahru and crossed over to Woodlands. Immigration was a breeze and at about 2 p.m., we reached the BearyBest Hostel in Singapore’s Chinatown. After checking in and listening to the trip committee’sbriefing, we had the afternoon and evening to ourselves. The evening was wonderful, literally. We went to Marina Bay for a dazzling light convergence show titled “Wonder Full”. The show which seamlessly incorporated water fountains and lights mesmerised the audience with surrealistic waves across the bay and stunning 3D feel to the projections.

November 11th, 2013
WP_20131111_003On Day 2, we visited Nanyang Technological University. At the Clean Energy Research Lab, we were briefed on NTU’s green technology research. The engineers showed us a model bus built with the help of university students which could run on electricity and a hydrogen fuel cell, with only water vapour as emission. The engineers had a vision of Singapore drastically reducing its dependence on fossil fuelsfor a more sustainable future. In the School of Material Engineering, we were introduced to the field and its contribution to our daily lives. We were joined there by our CPUS senior Yew Kuok Fung who is pursuing his studies in NTU with an ASEAN scholarship. Then we were taken on a tour of the labs where several scientific apparatus such as the electron microscopes and mass spectrometers were shown to us. The visit to NTU was very fruitful as a lot of information was gained and many of us had our eyes set on NTU which seemed to be a very welcoming and vibrant university.

November 12th, 2013
WP_20131112_027The visit to the Singapore Science Centre was one of the anticipated events of the trip as the centre in known for providing a subtle and fun approach to science. The entrance greeted uswith a myriad of fantastic machineries which cleverly demonstrated Newtonian Laws of Motion and played with the human mind with things like optical illusions and concave mirror imagery. The exhibits at the Centre was organized in sections according to themes such as light, sound, mathematics, mechanics, astronomy, marine life and fire. In the mathematics section, many interesting mathematical puzzles ranging from Pythagorean Triangles to Mobius strips were on display. Visitors to the Centre were also treated to special shows and we had the opportunity to watch the Tesla Coil and Fire Tornado show. The Tesla Coil show was impressive as the huge coil which transmitted thousands of volts of electricity demonstrated the wireless transmission of power. Several lucky visitors were given the opportunity to be part of the demonstration. The Fire Tornado demonstration captivatedthe audience with a simulated fire tornado in a 6-metres high flame chamber. The tornado was a brilliant and fiery display of the true destructive nature of fire and wind. Another day was well-spent as we retreated for the evening, having gained much knowledge.

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Article by: Narrhveein A/L Rajasegaran
Photograph by: Maggie Cheong May Khei

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