6 Memorable Days in Singapore (Part 2)

A Trip to Singapore in November

November 13th, 2013
SIngapore trip   On the fourth day of the trip, the National University of Singapore wowed us their purpose-built University Town and top-notch facilities. As we walked across the university grounds from one faculty to another, we imagined what it is like to be an NUS undergraduate. Like the visit to NTU, we were given the opportunity to visit the laboratories. The paraphernalia used in all the science labs never ceased to amaze; there were machines to do almost anything, even to pipette liquids!Our visits to both of Singapore’s world-class universities are eye-opening and made us realise that the academic world is very competitive and only the cream of the crop would get the privilege to enter a prestigious university. The visits, if not enlightening, certainly inspired us to plan our future academic path.

November 14th, 2014
For some obvious reason everyone was awake rather early, eagerly anticipating the day at Universal Studios, Singapore’s famous SIngapore tripmovie-themed amusement park. The exterior of the park boasted eateries, beautiful metalwork statues and the famous signature Universal globe while the picturesque interiors mesmerised visitors with retro New York, a futuristic sci-fi city, Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park and the fictional fairy tale kingdom Far, Far, Away. From 10 a.m. in the morning till dusk, we went on thrilling fast-paced rides, visit exhibitions and watched colourful performances within the park. Everyone exited the park drained of energy with smiles etched upon our faces, a sure indicator that no one could possibly be thinking about their studies at that moment.

November 15th, 2013Singapore Trip
The morning brought a little sadness as it was the last day of the fun-filled trip across the Causeway. Final photos were taken at the Beary Best Hostel and laughter was shared before leaving ourcosy accommodation. The chartered bus brought everyone to one last destination for the trip, Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. There we were greeted and awed by the sight ofSupertrees which towers over the gardens. These giant tree-like structures served practical functions such as regulating the atmosphere in the conservatories like real trees and providing electricity via custom-built solar panels on the top of the structures. Surrounding the Supertree Grove were the Cultural Gardens. From the Indian Gardens to the British Colonial Gardens, a myriad of plants and nature-based architecture were showcased. Several of usvisited the two observatories which are two giant glass domes with regulated temperature and humiditycontaining an artificial waterfall, mountain, and a variety of flowering plants from various climate zones. We boarded the bus in the afternoon and said adieu to Singapore with a heavy heart. With memory cards full with still photos and videos, the trip was certainly an indelible memory for all and would be reminisced for years to come.

“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them”- Bob Dylan

Article by: Narrhveein A/L Rajasegaran
Photograph by: Maggie Cheong May Khei

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