High Achievers: TARUC Students are Top in the World

At the recent Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards ceremony, 6 TARUC A-Level students were awarded certificates for their excellent performance in the May/June 2014 Cambridge examination series.

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Four of our students – Law Hui Eng, Alvina Ng Jia Yee, Low Miing Pin, and Yap Yong Wei – won the Top in the World Award for Mathematics while two students – Tiew Kee Hui and Shawn Edgar Miranda bagged the Top in Malaysia Award for Computing and General Paper respectively. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to interview some of them and here’s what they have to say about their achievement.

Top in The World Mathematics: Alvina Ng Jia Yee

Top in The World Maths2

Alvina was astonished by her own result and it made her realize that nothing is impossible if a person is determined and work hard for his or her dreams. She always held on to her belief in striving for the best despite the fact that it is not an easy feat to emerge Top in the World.

“There is no secret or shortcut to success. Personally, I studied hard, paid attention in class, do exercises consistently and be determined.”

 To the juniors, Alvina said, “Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from lecturers whenever you have questions and do not do last minute work. Plus, doing past year papers is important as practice makes perfect. On top of these, TARUC’s conducive learning environment and quality teaching contribute to my success.”

“I would like to dedicate my award to TARUC, my beloved lecturers especially my mathematics lecturers Ms. Ng Sze Fern and Mr. Lee Song Cang, my friends, as we often discuss our homework together and most importantly my family for always giving me hope, encouragement and support. I truly appreciate all of them.”

Alvina said: “Now that I have reached the end of my A-level journey, I will miss campus life, the lecturers, especially Ms. Chong Sin Yee, Mr. Sivaneson, Mr. Soh Beng Seng and Mr. Lee Song Cang (they are all very dedicated, loving and responsible lecturers), my lovely friends and classmates. I really treasure the moments I spent with all of them.”

She also stated that students should never feel shy to ask and make study a joy and not a burden.

“I always tell myself: ‘Do not be satisfied with less than all you can be, for you have greatness within you’. So, always believe in yourself and never give up. All the best to all A-level students and good luck! Remember to enjoy your A-level life.”

Top in The World Mathematics: Law Hui Eng

Top in The World Maths

When she knew that she had won ‘Top in The World’ in Mathematics, she felt surprised and jubilant as she never anticipated winning the award.

Firstly, she would like to thank all her mathematics teacher, especially Mr. Chew (her mathematics teacher in secondary school) for her achievements. Mr. Chew inspired her in many ways. He told her that mathematics was discovered to help make life easier. Since then, she enjoyed studying mathematics. Furthermore, she wanted to thank her parents for the undying support and their sacrifice throughout the years.

“A2 exam is over, I really miss my classmates. We have been studying and having fun together for a year and a half.”

To current students, Hui Eng’s advice would be to pay attention in class and do more exercise. “Do not put too much pressure on yourself; every student is different so you don’t have to compete with others. Just do your best in the exam.”

“Students should never do last minute revision. You can do exercises anytime and not only during exams. You can do it slowly and make sure you are serious. When doing exercises, mark difficult questions that you find hard to understand. This method saves a lot of time as you can skip easy and repetitive questions when you do revision before exam. The most important thing is to try not to memorize the answers for difficult questions. Understand it and never feel shy to approach your lecturers or friends for guidance and assistance. Do not panic during an exam. If you studied before the exam, you wouldn’t have to worry about your results. Last but not least, good luck everyone!”

Top in Malaysia General Paper: Shawn Edgar Miranda

Top in Malaysia GP

Shawn was elated and a little dumbfounded when he received the news that he had won the Top in Malaysia award for General paper.

“Yes. I was definitely aiming to get the top in Malaysia although I highly doubt that I would get it.”

To prepare for the exam, he read many articles from newspapers and websites like The Economist. He also tried to do as many past year papers as he could. “In General Paper the only way is to read widely.” he said. Most importantly, he thinks that students should not treat A-level like SPM.

School is not only about studies but having fun as A-level students will definitely miss the fun time they had with their friends and lecturers after they have finished their course. He also believes that he would miss his friends and lecturers.

“I would like to thank God and my parents for giving me support. I also wish to thank Mr. Teddy and Ms. Jynn who are my General Paper lecturers for teaching me; I won’t be able to achieve this without them.” said Shawn.

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The A Level qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge International Examinations is one of the most highly regarded and respected pre-university qualifications in the world. Come and join TARUC’s A Level programme to be among the world’s and country’s best. :) Congratulations once again to our award recipients!

Article by: Sia Yee Peng


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