High Achiever’s Valedictory Speech(Part 1)

CPUS A/AS Level High Achievers Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Tan Hwee JienY. Bhg. Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, Senior University College Officials, Madam Looi,Head of the Centre for Pre-University Studies, beloved lecturers, proud parents, my fellow friends and juniors, good morning.

Before I start, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity and honour to speak in front of you on this special occasion. I would also like to express my appreciation to all my lecturers, tutors, friends and family members and also TAR University College who had in more ways than one helped me to get to where I am right now.

Well, here we are as we are about to begin the next stage of our journey toward sour dream. I vividly remember about 2 years ago, I made a life changing decision to do my A level at TAR UC. Getting into the university college can be intimidating, you do not know how you are going to be tortured by your lecturers for 1.5 years, but somehow things have worked out pretty well for everyone. However, it was not until I had finished A levels that I realized that the worst came after I had  graduated – we don’t get discounts on movie tickets, we can’t get cheap chap fun any more, no more free rides on the UC buses and the list is just endless.  I know it is awful.Just kidding. After all, university life was awesome.I still remember the first time I came to TARUC, I was overwhelmed by the campus size, the awesome recreational facilities, our labs and the greenery which can rarely be found in other colleges or university and all these have indeed provided me with a great campus life experience.

As I stand here, looking at all my fellow graduates, I know that we are very eager to begin the next chapter of our lives. Let us spare a moment to look at ourselves, to look back on all the moments that we shared together and all the memories that we had created.

After the seemingly endless assignments, tutorials, tests and exams, we have managed to survive without any casualties. The piece of certificate that we are getting today is the fruit that has grown from the seed we sowed.  Yet it is not enough to speak of the whole A level experience. It is the effort, the hard work that we put in, the fun and joy that we had experienced as well as the obstacles that we had overcame that make our A level life unique and complete. I remember one biology class with Ms Chong Sin Yee when the whole class burst into laughter because of the name of a poor bird, called ‘great-tit’. I can assure you that this bird does exist. When it came to physics, it is pretty hard to forget we were once taught by Mr Soh Beng Seng, who never failed to rap all the physics definitions. Besides Mr Soh, we were so lucky to have Mr Sivaas our chemistry lecturer. Sarcasm is Mr. Siva’s middle name. Mr. Siva is funnily sarcastic or sarcastically funny. We have been really fortunate to have been given the chance to meet such caring and dedicated lecturers like Ms Ng Sze Fern, Ms Hue Chi San, Ms Jeswyna and all the lecturers who had taught the SN 13. I believe my friends from the other SN13 classes have their favourite lecturers as well. I believe my friends from the other SN13 classes have their favourite lecturers as well.Am I right? We will certainly miss being in their classes.Was physics class not the only place where we learned tones of laws but never enough to be a lawyer?Was biology class not the only place where we learn that man can also do a pregnancy test?The classes that we attended were not only the places where memories were created, but also where we learned invaluable skills from the lecturers. I think we should give a big round of applause to all the lecturers.

Victor Hugo once said ‘ he who opens a school door, closes a prison’.

This simple quote surely reflects the importance of the role played by an educator.

During the 18 months here, we had been nourished with knowledge and enriched with ideas by our lecturers. I remember Mr Siva once said ‘if a doctor fails to do his job, a patient dies; but if a teacher fail to do his job; a generation dies’. The quote signifies how influential a lecturer can be as teaching is a profession that nurtures all the other professions. On behalf of SN13& AN 13 batch, we would like to thank all the lecturers for what their hard work and patience in teaching us. And also thank you TAR UC and in particular CPUS for giving us such a good learning environment which has given us a chance to discover ourselves and which has allowed us to develop to our fullest potential. I had the opportunity to take on leadership roles, became the Class Representative, be part of the organizing committee for the Singapore Educational Trip and had a chance to be involved in TAR UC events.

Let us not forget our friends who had been with us through all the highs and lows throughout our A level life. Friends who played badminton with us at midnight. Somehow shoes were thrown to the roof to retrieve the shuttlecock out of desperation as SOMEONE seems to have a talent for sending shuttle cocks to the roof while playing.Friends who lied with you on the roof top of buildings just to catch a glimpse of shooting stars. Friends who ‘jio’ you to TBR just to hang out and eat roti canai with you. Peers, look around! These are your friends.Even though our paths will diverge and we may not see each other again, but the memory that we had created together will last for a lifetime. To all my friends, thank you for spicing up my A level life with all the moments we shared together.

We also should never forget our family, who never gave up on us.Without support from my family members, I believe I won’t be able to go this far. Their trust in me had given me the ease of mind to do my very best. They are the most influential people in the world who shaped us into who we are today. When life gives us lemon,a single piece of advice from our parents will magically cheer us up. Our family seems to have some sort of power that can relieve your pain and strengthen our spirit. And that power, my friends, is love! If you want to give your parents a hug, do it…………………….. later.

Well, before I end my speech, I would like to share a quote I found on the internet.

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and success will come naturally.”

We came here 18 months ago full of anxiety, admired our seniors, wondering if one day if we too could get excellent results like them and make CPUS and TAR UC proud. Here we are today,successfully crossing the A level stepping stone and now we’re ready to chase our dreams. Graduating class of SN13,congratulations, we did it!

Thank you.

Valedictory Speech by:
A-Levels Best Overall Science

Tan Hwee Jien


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