High Achiever’s Valedictory Speech(Part 2)

CPUS A/AS Level High Achievers Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Tee Sue AnneY. Bhg. Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, Senior University College Officials, Madam Looi,Head of the Centre for Pre-University Studies, beloved lecturers, proud parents, my fellow friends and juniors, good morning.

Before proceeding further with this speech, I would first like to thank my mom for being the rock in my life, CPUS for giving me this opportunity to give this speech and my class AN13a for being a bunch of amazing, supportive classmates and last but not the least to TAR University College for giving me the presitigious Merit Scholarship which had indeed lightened my family’s burden tremendously.

When I first began my draft, I felt like there was nothing I could say that would be good advice let alone to make a difference and be inspiring to others. But then I remember that sometimes what you don’t want is exactly what you need. Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free. So here I am standing today, delivering my speech and setting my fear free.

Now, this has been a long and bumpy 18 months journey, but here we are, ready to accept the fruits of our hard labour. All the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and discussions in the library had finally paid off. There were even moments where studying in the library had brought some interesting events that involved a few very angry librarians but let us not discuss it further today.

Needless to say, our lecturers were also part of the reason why we are sitting here today. To the dedicated lecturers of AN13 batch, thank you for your endless support. Thank you for your guidance, your patience (especially at times when we did not listen to your lectures) but most importantly, thank you for having faith in our abilities, even when at times when we don’t believe in ourselves.

Besides achieving the necessary results to further our studies, I believe all of us gained something more.

Something called friendship. As cliché as this is going to sound, but the memories that all of us gained is indeed far more valuable that the piece of certificate that we are holding right now.

All the birthday pranks, class photo shoots, the 10km runs, trips and all the random karaoke sessions we had together. Of course, there were moments where feelings were hurt but hey, things happened for a reason and for what it’s worth, it only drew us closer together. All of these memories are irreplaceable as it is the little things that had bonded us closer. A bond that I hope would last for life-time. We have also enjoyed relaxing between studies in the beautiful gardens and parks that makes TAR UC into such a beautiful ‘garden’ university. And most important of all, I must add that we have all received a good education from TAR UC which I believe has built our foundation for the future.

As we embark on a brand new journey, it will be without a doubt, filled with stumbles and falls. No matter how many mistakes we make or how slow we progress, we are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

Regardless of how many times we stumble, the most important thing is to always pick ourselves back up whenever that happens. As my favourite saying goes, what we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down. On this note, I will end my speech. All the best and here’s to a new chapter of our lives. And to our juniors here with us, I would like to say, enjoy your time here at TAR UC, study hard but study smart and make sure you beat us in your achievements in the next exams!!!

Thank you.

Valedictory Speech by:
A-Levels Best Overall Arts

Tee Sue Anne


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