Stork Visits and Wedding Bells

The SN15 and AN15 A Level General Paper classes carried out two exciting projects for the topics of family and marriage last month. These topics are some of the most thought-provoking social issue topics and to make the classes more exciting, two projects were carried out to enhance their learning experience. Two of our SN15 journalists were involved in the projects and here’s their experience. :)

Egg Baby Project
By Anithira Chandrasagaran

How do you like your eggs ? fried ? scrambled ? … Well, in the case of the egg baby project, the students would prefer to have their egg babies to be perfectly intact. And uncooked XD

As odd as it may be seeing students carrying their decorated egg babies around with a look of distress on their faces, the main objective of this project is to expose students to the difficulty of becoming a parent and the responsibilities that comes along with starting a family. Students form couples and they have to cooperate and share responsibilities to take care of their babies. It was a real challenge for the students to keep their ‘babies’ safe for one whole week. According to Miss Jeswynna, the majority of her students get really excited when it comes to this project. Miss Jeswynnna giggled as she said one of the student couples actually made her the godmother of their egg baby.

1 eggs

I asked a few students about their egg baby project experience. “I’m really excited about this project as I love kids and this gives me an opportunity to feel what it is like to be a parent“ said Kavin Kumar of SN15G . Tan Yu Yan of AN15A said “ being a parent is definitely not easy , we’re just looking after an egg but imagine if these are real life human babies, it will be a thousand times harder “ . The students also definitely have a deeper appreciation towards their parents’ sacrifice of looking after them when they were young. Parenthood certainly requires a lot of physical and mental preparation as well as commitment and responsibility. This project has certainly made the students aware of these.

2 eggs 3 eggs

The faces of my classmates lighted up with joy as they drew faces on their egg babies and took “selfies” with their temporary children, as we all laughed at the “bad parents “ who failed to pay attention to their babies when kidnappers are lurking around. I wonder what will happen to the egg babies once this project has come to an end … Goodness! I do hope nobody cooks and eat their egg babies. What an atrocious ending that will be for those poor egg babies.

Mock Wedding Project
By Cheong Yin Fei

Marriage and family have always been regarded as personal matters but our GP discussions with Mr Teddy made us realize that these most basic units of society are undergoing changes that can have far-reaching consequences including reshaping society and even posing challenges to nations. We were encouraged to reevaluate the notions of family and marriage, and ponder the future of human society in the face of these challenges which include increasing divorce rates, the sexual revolution, and the declining fertility rates in developed countries. After we discussed these issues and case studies such as Japan’s demographic crisis, Singapore’s population growth measures, and the changing legal definition of marriage in many Western countries, we were thrilled when Mr Teddy informed us that we will carry out a mock wedding project.

The project is meant to help us to understand the concepts of responsibility and commitment in marriage, the social ties that bind society, and the role and significance of the family unit. It was very exciting to plan and organize our own weddings complete with all the pomp and circumstance. The western-Chinese fusion weddings were divided into three ceremonies: the bridesmaids’ challenge, tea ceremony, and the bridal procession followed by the exchange of vows/rings and bouquet toss.

BQ wedding

SN15b and SN15q collaborated and had successfully carried out a mock wedding that ‘brought together’ Dixon of SN15q and Li Hua of SN15b. The whole class was involved as everyone was assigned roles such as family members, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and relatives. In a ceremony steeped in tradition, the wedding started off with the Bride Hair Combing Ceremony to wish the couple a happy and prosperous union. The ceremony was performed by the bride’s mother and the ‘pui ma’. What followed after the ceremony proved to be a torturous and agonizing experience for the groom and the groomsmen. The Bridesmaids Challenge featured a series of tests, which were designed to test the ‘power of love’ i.e. groom’s determination to marry the bride, and the loyalty and support of the groom’s ‘brothers’ in his quest to claim her. The groom and his grooomsmen had, without a doubt, displayed unwavering determination that resulted in what may be considered the entertaining part of the wedding. The guests cheered as the groom heroically gulped down one whole bottle of a nasty concoction made of milk, coffee, black pepper and tomato ketchup.

bq wedding 5

C wedding

After the groomsmen successfully passed all the tests, the bowing ceremony and the tea ceremony started. The two ceremonies highlighted the central role of the family as the bride and groom showed their respects and gratitude to their ‘parents’ for raising them up. The parents took the opportunity to offer the newlyweds marital advice and handed them red packets as a sign of their blessing. As the saying goes, “A marriage is not only the union of two individuals, but also the union of two families.” After that, the guests proceeded to the church wedding ceremony where the bride’s father gave away his daughter at the altar. The couple then exchanged their self-written vows. The vows were very significant as they capture their hopes, desires and promises for their marriage. After the wedding officiant declared them officially as husband and wife, the newlyweds marched out of the hall, and the bride tossed her bouquet to the single ladies present. After a photo session, the guests were treated at the wedding reception to burgers, pizzas and soft drinks. 😀

BQ wedding 2The beautiful mock weddings, although artificial, has taught us that behind the smiles and pretty white gowns, a lot of effort goes into a wedding and the pressure on the couple mentally, emotionally and financially is sky high. We understood why many modern couples perceive marriage to be a hassle, thus their decision to skip the tedious rituals of marriage and increasingly opt for a more casual union such as cohabitation as seen in Scandinavian countries. We also realized that the decision to tie the knot is a tough one, and has to be made wisely as commitment, responsibility and the desire to make the marriage a lasting one are extremely essential. Love and by extension, marriage, is indeed, not a game. These core institutions of civilizations might be under threat today more than ever, but there will always be a case for the family and marriage.

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