Teacher Appreciation Day

teacher-day-2It was that time of the year again when CPUS students work together to organize an event to appreciate the hard work and dedication of their lecturers. The Teacher Appreciation Day took place on the 2nd of October and this year the event was held in the Sports Complex. The event started with a touching opening video based on a true story entitled ‘Teachers Makes a Difference’. The video tells the touching story of a teacher’s simple act of concern and kindness for her student that made a great impact on her student’s life. It was a heart-warming video clip that struck a chord with all the teachers and students present.

Then, Madam Looi, the Head of CPUS, delivered a short speech thanking the TAD team and all CPUS lecturers for their unstinting effort in educating and making a difference in their students’ life. After her speech, a slideshow showing group photos of students with their favorite lecturers were shown and the audience cheered as their class photos were shown. To the pleasant surprise of everyone, two high-flying CPUS alumni, Phung Cheng Shyong and Yew Kuok Fung, who are currently studying in ANU and NTU respectively, made an appearance on video to express their TAD wishes to all their lecturers.


Teacher Appreciation Day 2014 (19)

The performance slot kicks off with oriental music from the TARUC Chinese orchestra. They played two beautiful pieces – ‘Hu Huan’ (呼唤) from the popular Korean Drama ‘Dae Jang Geum’ and a Chinese song titled ‘Hong Ri’(红日). That was followed by a strings and piano instrumental performance of Christina Perri’s hit song ‘A Thousand Years’. Once the stage was cleared, a band made up of juniors and senior vocalists brought the lecturers on a trip down memory lane with a medley of three popular oldies which were The Carpenters’ ‘Close To You’, The Shirelles’ ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ and Frankie Valli’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’. All the performances received a warm round of applause from the crowd especially the teachers who were delighted to see their students’ talent.

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The graduating batch of A Level students was then given a special segment to give their appreciation speeches. Their segment was filled with touching speeches, jokes, stories about their lecturers, and showcase of musical talents to honour their lecturers. After the senior batch segment, a TED Talk featuring renown educationist Rita Pierson titled ‘Every Kid Needs a Champion’ was shown to inspire the teachers and highlight their crucial role in changing the lives of their students. Next, the winners of the Achievers Daily ‘Guess Who’ contest received their prizes from Madam Looi. The winners had successfully identified their lecturers’ photos of their younger selves.

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To the delight of the audience, ushers then marched into the Sports Complex elegantly bearing appreciation gifts for all lecturers. Many students took the opportunity to present gifts to their lecturers and personally thanked them. The event eventually came to an end after a cake cutting ceremony and photo session. While the lecturers had lunch, the students get to enjoy encore music performances. All in all, the 2014 Teacher Appreciation Day was another memorable event in the history of CPUS. In the words of Madam Looi, “Teachers appreciate appreciations; they are the highest form of reward for any teacher.” Thank you, teachers!

Article By: Ethan Lim Jijian & Tan Qi Yong


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