What’s Cooking In CPUS?

CPUS Economics Society Food Carnival 2013 – The aroma of food was everywhere as countless varieties of food were cooked, boiled and prepared during the Food Carnival held on the 27th of September. Organised by the Economics society to raise funds for charity, the event was actively supported by the Centre for Pre-U Studies’ (CPUS) students. As planned, the event kicked started at 9:00AM. However, due to the poor weather conditions, the venue had to be changed from the Yum Yum Park to the corridor between block H and Red Bricks Cafeteria, and also in the Cafeteria itself. From local specialties like Nasi Lemak and Satay, to your favourite drinks like Root Beer floats and Ice Lemon Tea, every stall received plenty of customers eager to try out the food and beverages with their coupons.

       IMG2  IMG3

  Stall owner, Emily Chai, was really happy with the support they received as their Paratha rolls and marshmallows were sold out halfway through the event!

  A special thanks to the owner of the “Mixed Rice” shop in Canteen 1 for donating 100 eggs to the cause of this charity event. Among the stalls set up that day, one stood out from the others – The Dunking Machine. Set up and volunteered by the seniors, this stall had crowds of people standing around it throughout the day, even the lecturers enjoyed watching students getting dunked with a throw of a ball! The food gradually got sold out, and the crowd began to disperse and the event eventually wrapped up by 3PM. Everyone had a whale of a time!!!

Article By: Huzair and Wee Wei En
Photographs By:Foo Ee Lynn, Lim Yan and Foo SuLyn

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